Hidradenitis Suppurativa Surgery: Yes or No?

hidradenitis suppurativa surgery tips

When I first felt those few lumps under the skin, I thought they would go away. I had them under my armpits and my breasts, and I was shy about going to the doctor. The growth was a sudden one. However, I became concerned when they didn’t even after a few weeks. It was weird to feel those lumps, and I was worried whether they were tumors. Then one day I remember, one of them broke open, and it was quite painful.

I went to a doctor. He stated that it was HS, and that I may need hidradenitis suppurativa surgery. While that did bring me relief that it wasn’t a tumor that I had to worry about, I knew I had to make them go away; they were quite painful to deal with, and as each of them broke open, I saw foul smelling pus coming out.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a common type of chronic skin disease among women that normally happens in the late teen period. My doctor asked me different questions like whether I wore tight and fitting clothes, or had excessive sweating, or had experienced any significant hormonal changes. He also asked me whether I was dealing with excessive stress. Apparently, these were reasons for why it happened. The doctor also told me that environmental conditions like heat and humidity could cause it.

I researched online and saw that apocrine glands when being plugged, androgen dysfunction and genetic disorders can also lead to HS. All my symptoms of inflammation, sudden leakage of pus, open wounds resulting in scores in areas like underarms, inner thighs, under breasts, buttocks and grains were well, pretty common.

The question so was, how to find a solution to it? Thankfully, I should tell all my lady friends that I have found an amazing solution to the problem. A good cure is defined as a cure that not only cures the problem but also assures complete non-occurrence of the disease. And after using the product from this site, it made my problem disappear in a few weeks!

I did only try this product after looking at all the other available options, and they were either risky or expensive. True, there are some treatments available today, like corticosteroid pills, the diabetes drug, oral retinoid, biologics, and radiation therapy.

I felt that the hidradenitis suppurativa surgery was one of the best ways to deal completely with the problem, but I feel I have taken the right choice in choosing the cure. The surgery is very effective and assures 80% non-occurrence of the disease. However, surgery scares me, and I wanted to look at other methods. The surgery has helped others deal with the inflammation or burning feeling and in healing the wounds in the surgical site.

Being a laser surgery, it is pretty easy as well, and I have heard how others didn’t feel any pain after it was done. I would advise all who are thinking of taking the hidradenitis suppurativa surgery to use lukewarm sitz baths and antiseptic cleansers of skin after it. This will help in keeping the affected area clean from germs and bacteria. Doing this provides relief and protection against further damage.

Lastly, while you might love to wear tight fitting clothes to make a style statement, remember that it is one of the most common reasons for this. Other reasons include using deodorants and perfumes, and shaving the affected area or scratching the affected area. If you aren’t careful, like me will have painful lumps around the skin and foul smelling pus – not a great thing to see or feel.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is unnoticeable in the early stages and a reason you should consult a dermatologist even if you feel minor problems on your skin. The Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure is the method I went with, and I have not looked back. It completely cured my condition and my life has never been better.