Supplementary Products

While we have yet to find anything as effective as our recommended cure , we still wanted to give you as many options as possible to help treat your condition. Clicking on any of these products will take you directly to Amazon.

Carbonic Soap (Red Colour) (110g) Brand: SoapWorks


carbonic soap

One of the most important parts of treating HS is keeping the skin and open pores clean as often as possible.

Emuaid MAX First Aid Ointment (2 oz)


While soap can definitely keep your skin clean, this first aid ointment can help heal the open pores more quickly. Any sort of ointment is recommended during your treatment.

Tea Tree Soap Bar (110g) Brand: SoapWorks


This tea tree soap can also be very beneficial. While you do not need multiple types of soap, some people prefer the Tea Tree brand which is why we have included it here.


Set of 2 Carbolic Germicidal Soap (4.41 oz)



This germicial soap will not only keep your skin clean, but can also prevent infections from occuring in the future.

We have listed multiple varieties of soap on here to give you as many options as possible.

Please do not think it is necessary to purchase all the different types of soap on this page. We also want to remind you that while these products can help, they should not be used standalone.

They need to be used alongside our recommended treatment.