This site provides a REALISTIC approach to getting rid of your skin issues.


A lot of other websites claim to show you the right path but a lot of the time are unethical surgeons that try to sale you on expensive surgery on many different forums.

Fortunately this site is here for you.

I’m a girl from a small town in Texas who has spent many years trying to fight this terrible disorder that was forcing me to live in pain and insecurity. I wish I had this resource when I was an insecure teenager wondering what was happening to my skin.

My name is Kasey Thomas and I am the creator of this humble website. I have struggled with this condition for a large part life. When I first was diagnosed they said I had acne inversa although this is not the proper name. I have experienced the pain and embarrassment that comes with it. My sweat glands were infected and even my groin and inner thigh. Fortunately my armpits were not that bad.

The inflammation was painful. My HS was definitely not a mild case. People often asked me if it was contagious and that really made me feel bad. It is hard, and it did ruin my self-esteem before I found help. This hidradenitis suppurativa cure gave me the motivation to make my own website and tell as many people as I could about other alternatives to help cure this condition. I hope to raise awareness about this skin disease to as many people as I can. I also want to provide valuable information to people that are looking to learn more.back pic

The doctor visits never fixed anything for me. Some of the prescriptions they tried even made it worse. I was desperately searching for a cure, but I never found one. I even tried some home remedies but they didn’t work either. Most people with this condition know it is very difficult to live with. It was affecting my life in so many ways.

I finally found an HS cure on a skin-care forum after searching for years. I gave it a try on a whim, and I was cured within a month and a half. This changed my life dramatically and Therese Wilson (the creator of Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure) has provided a cure unlike anything else I have found. This cure has changed my life.

My HS began to clear much faster than any pill had ever done. I barely had any scars too. I believe that if you try product and apply all of the techniques that are recommended then you will experience positive results. I’ve tried so many things in the past and I’m so happy that I was able to find something that gave me relief.logo

If you are suffering from this condition or have in the past, then I urge you to try this natural treatment. It is difficult to get rid of but this info will help so much. It has completely cured my skin and I feel much better about myself ever since.

It changed my life, and I know it will change yours too. If you don’t act quickly your symptoms may get much worse. I no longer have to worry about showing too much skin and it healed nicely too! I’ll include some links and more information below. Feel free to look around!

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